"clarity boom" is an interactive application for android smartphones conceived and designed by +alex hart+

through this app you will be able to dissolve illusions that were formed in the past and that are holding you back. you will come closer to regaining clarity and freedom, and to the feeling of being fully present and "in tune" with everything and everyone.

in this page, you will, soon, see a link to download the app into your android smartphone, make an account, and start using it

description (currently under re development) :

the app has 123 doors for you to open (more may be added at a later version as an expansion, personalized for each user). every door leads to a room. inside each room an idea is presented (or a question or anything) with a short comment about it and an extended one right after. you then get to ask up to 10 questions that spark conversations, directly with alex. in the next step, alex makes tailored suggestions for you to take action and gain insights, as the truth awakens in a unique way to you. a phonecall, a videocall or a meeting is scheduled before and/or after you taking action on the suggestions made.

there are 2 ways for you to open the 123 doors, as indicated by the buttons "doors" and "journey" in the main screen of the app :

1. select "doors" to see what is inside rooms 1, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 101 and 111 (twelve sections total), and then start from somewhere that seems interesting to you. then, you will get personalized content for any other door right after that one. so, if you choose to open door 11, you will then have the option of opening the door 12, or go to door 21 or 31 and so on.

2. select "journey" to start from the 1st door, and then move on to the 2nd one, and the 3rd one and so on. in each room you will find personalized content. this is a fully tailored journey (you will know what is inside each room only after you open the door and enter the room) and the conversations and insights from the 1st room will directly influence what will be presented on the 2nd room and so on.

on both the above scenarios you will open the doors 121, 122 and 123, with alex by your side, in person.

during this journey you will also imagine what you want to create and then you will get the tools, the guidance, support and advice on how to visualize, plan and implement the reality that you want to experience in the present and in the future. doing what you love, is, actually, an essential element of the whole process.

you also have the option to select "questions" and open a door that leads to a room where you share an idea, a thought, a story, a vision or anything you want, ask questions about it and have conversations about each of the questions you asked and also receive suggestions for action. again, a phonecall, a videocall or a meeting is scheduled before and/or after you taking action on the suggestions made.

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